Christo Peters, Director of Sport, Auckland Girls Grammar School

Sport is becoming more structured and more professional.  In addition to this there are more and more sports on offer competing for a decreasing sponsorship dollar.  The result is that sport has become more heavily user-pays and the students (participants), their families and friends are faced with the dilemma of how to pay for it.

When I look closely at our top students’ sporting achievements I am continually humbled by the often anonymous generosity of individuals and clubs in getting them to where they are now.  This year’s Hand Up Foundation recipients are all talented individuals whose talent has encouraged others to achieve.  These students have all benefited from outside help that they are sometimes not aware of, help that has enabled them to represent their school, region and even country and help that has raised them to the level where they are worthy recipients of the Hand Up Foundation Scholarships. 

I believe that parents and caregivers want what is best for their children and their children’s successes (sporting or otherwise) bring their family great pride.  Parents bring up children consistent with their culture, values and beliefs and this, combined with their income, determines what their money is spent on – accommodation, food, education, religion, extended family, sport…   Many of our students choose to send their children great distances, often at great expense, to be educated at our school as they believe that it provides better educational opportunities than their local schools.

We are a decile three school indicating that the majority of our parents receive below the average income.  A large percentage of our students regularly attend church and their families more than likely tithe giving a percentage of their income to the church.  Many families also financially support family members overseas creating another financial challenge.  With so much pressure on their income, if students from these families happen to be good at sport and their parents/caregivers do not have the income to provide for them they often simply disappear from the sporting scene and their talents and abilities are lost.  Those that succeed often do so with help.

In 2009 the Trust first funded a 17 year old student who had already had to turn down a position in the New Zealand Emerging Tall Ferns Basketball Team for financial reasons and was on the verge of being unable to represent her country in the U21 Netball Team for the same reason.  It is clear that the timing of the scholarship not only paved the way for her to have a career in sport but also determined which sport it would be in.


Here are some quotes from those student reports that highlights why we think the Hand Up model works.

I’ve played numerous sports that include Netball, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball and Soccer. Without this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to represent my school in these codes.
The Hand Up Foundation has opened doors for me.
I was able to purchase shoes – I go through a lot of sports shoes throughout a year.
If it wasn’t for the Trust, I wouldn’t have been able to experience what I did this year.
Without the support of your trust, I would not have been in the position to afford to follow my passion and achieve what I have.
The iPad was also really helpful during class as it was easy to take down quick notes.
Having the money for my sporting fees already paid for really took a lot of pressure off my parents’ plate.
The funding support helped me play with more confidence, knowing that my parents were stress free and not worrying about having to pay my sporting fees, especially because I play two codes at representative level.
Before getting the scholarship my parents had made me choose one sport that I could take part in this year, because we could not afford them. Since being awarded your scholarship at the beginning of the year I have been very grateful to be able to play all the sports I wanted to and not worry once of where and how my family and I was going to pay for it.
The scholarship helped relieve the pressure of my parents to meet all the payments for my netball and basketball commitments at school and at national level.
The scholarship that I received helped me and my parents in so many ways not just financially but emotionally.
Representing my school in sport is an important factor in my life and so the help of your trust was
much appreciated. The sporting side was taken care of financially which took off pressure to pay fees and meet deadlines so I could focus on my studies. This helped me achieve my NCEA Level 2.
The trust has given me confidence that I can achieve anything academically and in sport.
Without my special shoes I would be like a golfer without a putter.
And here are some quotes to illustrate why Hand Up Foundation wants to help more students.
I’m thankful to the Hand Up Foundation for supporting me and my family in helping me achieve my sporting goals.
Without your help, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have gained.
Words cannot explain how thankful we are for your support.
Me and my family cannot thank you enough for your support.
It’s been a privilege and an honour to receive this scholarship
I know without your assistance and of others it would not happen. But now I have to move on. Soon you can watch me on TV, so from the bottom of my heart….  a big thank you.
I’m thankful to the Hand Up Foundation for supporting me and my family in helping me achieve my sporting goals.
Thank you again for giving students opportunities they wouldn’t have if not for your help.
Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did.
Thank you for your confidence.
When I get a world medal I would like to bring it and show you what you have helped me to get. 

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